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Dental Hygiene Care for Seniors

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Professional and reliable oral health care for your residents.  

A variety of services are available to your facilities and clients. Including on-site dental care, oral health information sessions and free oral cancer screening clinics to name just a few!

Experienced, gentle and compassionate dental hygiene care for seniors. Having a hard time getting out to see a dentist?  Book your dental appointment in the comfort & safety of your own  private suite!

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We bring a fully mobile complete dental hygiene clinic right to your door.  Check out our state-of-the-art dental equipment!


Complete Oral Exam and Cancer Screening

Peace of Mind

Regular dental check-ups ensure the early identification of problems such as dental infections, broken teeth, gum disease, ill-fitting dentures, and oral cancer. Because clients may not always be able to communicate their discomfort, these issues can often go unnoticed. Delayed identification can lead to more invasive treatment and compromised nutrition.

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Therapeutic Fluoride Application

Focus on Prevention

Silver diamine fluoride applied during the early stages of dental decay can prevent the area from progressing into a dental cavity. The anti-bacterial properties of silver work together with the remineralizing abilities of fluoride to re-harden the tooth. Fluoride varnish reduces the number of cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth and strengthens the tooth enamel, making it much more resistant to cavity formation. {Read More}

Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

Quality Care

Ultrasonic and hand instruments are used to gently loosen and remove plaque and tartar build-up. Tooth polishing removes accumulated stains and surface roughness, resulting in a smooth surface that is more difficult for plaque and bacteria to adhere to. {Read More}

Temporary Filling


A Gentle, Cost-Effective Solution

Lasting up to 5 years and at a cost of approximately 60% less than conventional fillings, glass ionomer fillings are a gentle and non-invasive option to stabilize areas affected by dental cavities.  No dental freezing or drilling is required, allowing for quick and comfortable placement during the routine dental visit. {Read More}

Referrals to a Mobile Dentist and Denturist 

If desired by the client, a referral can be made to a mobile dentist or denturist who can provide treatment directly in the client’s room.

Our Team


Registered Dental Hygienist

Hi there! I’m Irene and my practice is focused on bringing access to dental care to seniors living in care facilities and retirement homes. I’ve been practicing a vast array of dental settings for 21 years. Ranging from periodontal specialty, independent hygiene, and now  mobile seniors practice. I was born in Ottawa and raised on a Richmond dairy farm. I gained my dental degree from Algonquin College in 2000. [Read More]


Customer Reviews:

"My wife, a nursing home resident with full cognitive capacity, said that Irene was the best hygienist she ever has had. Irene was thorough, gentle, and explained every step she took. We are very pleased and happy with Irene's approach and competence, and we expect to continue her services on a quarterly basis. Thanks also to iSmile Ottawa for the mobile dental services."