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Irene DeHaan

Registered Dental Hygienist


Meet the Founder

Hi there! I’m Irene and I specialize in mobile dental hygiene for seniors living in care facilities. I’ve been practicing a vast array of dental settings for 21 years. Ranging from periodontal specialty, independent hygiene, and mobile senior practice. I was born in Ottawa and raised on a Richmond dairy farm,  I gained my dental hygiene diploma from Algonquin College in 2000.  


I’m passionate about ensuring seniors have the same access to care services as everyone else. I spent many years working in a traditional dental setting when I lost my mother to early-onset Alzheimer's 6 years ago. I experienced the challenges firsthand while providing her with the appropriate care, since when she had difficulty communicating her needs and was dependent on others for her well-being. This tough period of my life inspired me to ensure that seniors have access to oral care services in the comfort of their own space. 


I was later granted the opportunity to work as an independent hygienist for seniors and help them receive essential services like oral care. Now, I’m proud to be the founder of iSmile Mobile Dental and passionately provide seniors with the special care that they deserve!


For Facilities

Free dental screening program available in partnership with the Gift From The Heart Charity.   

  • Vaccinated and COVID-tested weekly, I will provide a negative test result upon entry

  • No work required by the facility, I bring all tools needed, the facility only needs to notify and offer service to residents and their families. I supply a poster and sign-up sheet to be distributed or emailed out.

 Screening checks for common problems such as

  • Broken teeth

  • Cavities

  • Oral infections or abscesses

  • Gum disease

Clients are screened directly in their room and I can see 8 clients per day, one every 30 minutes.

I bring everything needed: A n95 respirator, isolation gowns (1 for each client), face shield, sterilized instruments, and an intraoral camera.

Summary, any photos taken, and recommended treatment is sent directly to  families (or discussed with the client if own POA)

Referrals Available: I work with a mobile dentist and mobile denturist I can refer clients to if required. 


  • Assess oral hygiene

  • Ill-fitting or broken dentures

  • Sore spots in the mouth

  • Oral cancer


For Individuals 

  • Free consultation prior to treatment. Read more about how the process is like for individuals.

  • I have special experience working with memory care clients by being gentle, caring and patient, which results in a high success rate in treating these clients. (who may be uncooperative and even aggressive).

  • For clients in a wheelchair who need a lift to transfer in and out, going to the dental office is close to impossible.   Sometimes the only option for care is having someone come in for treatment.

  • For memory care and dementia clients, leaving the facility to go out is generally a difficult endeavour and can be quite a traumatic experience. The success rate in providing treatment for these clients in a strange and unfamiliar place such as the dental office is quite low due to behavioural challenges. iSmile is here to solve this problem and ensure that clients get the special care they deserve.

See the Set Up 

Check out our state-of-the-art dental equipment: portable dental chair, ultrasonic scaler, slow-speed handpiece (for polishing), paper-free charting, and an intraoral camera.

Clients are seen in the familiar and comfortable environment of their own private room. Treatment can often be completed in the client's wheelchair, bed, or even recliner.

A full dental office, everything one would expect at their traditional dental hygiene appointment!