Frequently asked questions

Is iSmile COVID-19 safe?

Every precaution is taken to keep you and your loved one safe during the visit. I am fully vaccinated and COVID screened each time I enter a facility. All my patients must also screen negative prior to treatment. I wear a fit-tested, health canada approved N95 respirator at all times times during my visit to the facility. When treating patients, in addition to the N95, a face shield, single use fluid resistant isolation gown and gloves are worn. All equipment and instruments used are maintained and sterilized according to public health infection control guidelines.

How does the booking process work?

At iSmile, appointments are booked directly with clients or the client's family. First, we conduct a no-cost consultation via phone or email to discuss: - Information about the client such as their needs and what they are looking for - The services offered, which are consented to and which require discussion before proceeding (such as temporary fillings). - The care facility client is residing in - Any relevant health or medical conditions the client may have - Other questions and special considerations - Choose a date and time convenient for the client and family After the consultation, I will contact the care facility myself and make all the necessary arrangements. After the appointment, all findings and recommendations are discussed with the client and their family. Payment is then processed. I formulate your claim and submit it the insurance company or your behalf in order to ensure a hassle-free service for you. Soon after, your insurance company will directly reimburse you.

How and where are patients treated?

Clients are treated either in their own private suite or in a private, designated area within the facility. A safe and comfortable visit for all my clients is a top priority. Client and facility preferences are taken into account when deciding on the optimal place to provide care. I bring a fully portable (and very comfortable!) dental chair for those clients who are able to transfer. Clients cannot be transferred or are not comfortable sitting in the dental chair can be seen in their own wheelchair, bed or even reclining easy chair! Clients are minimally reclined, generally I stand to provide services, removing the need to tip patients far back.

How does iSmile differ from a traditional dentistry service?

When choosing a care provider for your elderly loved one it is especially important to find someone that has experience working with seniors. Seniors’ oral care needs can be vastly different than those of younger people. iSmile Ottawa provides preventative dental hygiene care. As an independent registered dental hygienist, I am not able to take x-rays, repair large cavities or make dental diagnosis of the teeth and oral hard tissues. During a dental hygiene diagnosis and exam, all of the information is collected and signs and symptoms of problem areas are identified. Any issues that are beyond the scope of dental hygiene care will be referred to the appropriate professional. In some cases cognitive decline and reduced mobility present additional challenges with this age group. Memory care clients can be confused, afraid or even aggressive at times. An experienced and patient provider can go a long way towards ensuring your loved one feels safe and comfortable throughout the visit. By specializing in senior citizens and only providing care for this age group, iSmile Ottawa brings years of experience to each visit. When planning treatment for my clients I always ask myself the following questions: Is the client comfortable and free of pain? Is there an adequate function to maintain optimal nutrition? What is the most conservative treatment that is tolerable for the client?

Do you provide referrals?

Yes! Sometimes, clients have needs that are beyond the scope of dental hygiene care to treat. Examples are dental abscesses or infections, severely broken-down teeth where the nerve is affected, teeth that require extraction, and broken or worn out dentures. If desired by the client, a referral can be made to a mobile dentist or denturist who can provide treatment directly in the client’s room. When referrals to a mobile dentist or denturist are needed, iSmile Ottawa only refers to trusted professionals that have many years of experience working in seniors’ homes. You can rest assured that your loved one is in good hands and receiving the most appropriate and gentle care for their situation.

How much does it cost?

All fees for services are taken directly from the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association fee guide. The recommended fees for dental hygiene care similar to, and in some cases less, than the fees set by the Ontario Dental Association for the same services provided.
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Each client is assessed, and treatment is based on their individual needs. The needs of one client can be quite different from the next! For this reason, it is challenging to post a price list with ‘standard fees’ However, some fees for commonly provided services are listed below:

  • New patient complete assessment: ~$95
In order to provide the best care, each new client must have a one-time complete oral assessment and charting. This very thorough exam is critical to be able to synthesize all the information and formulate the most appropriate care plan.
  • Teeth cleaning (removal of plaque and tartar build-up) ~$61-$172
The cost for your cleaning are based on time and effort spent. A client with a full dentition who has not seen a dentist in years will have quite a different fee than one who only has a few remaining teeth and has had regular dental care!
  • Teeth polishing ~$16
  • Topical preventative fluoride application ~$27
Interim Stabilization Therapy (temporary fillings and cavitiy arresting fluoride)
  • Silver diamine fluoride application: ~$44
  • Glass Ionomer temporary fillings: ~$65 for the first tooth, ~$32 for each additional tooth in the same area of the mouth.
Think of this service like a patch. It is meant to stabilize the area, prevent further tooth breakdown and slow or stop the progression of dental decay.
  • Mobile fee: ~$37, the ODHA suggested fee is $97, but I have reduced this to a fee that I feel is a more reasonable price.
The above fees are examples only and individual costs can vary. For a customized estimate, please contact us to discuss your or your loved ones’ particular needs.